2018-09-06 13:41

DC-2055 resin is a brominated p-tert-octylphenol formaldehyde resin. It has high softening point or melting point . It is soluble in toluene, xylene, acetone, etc. DC-2055 is much the same as SP-1055 of USA SII company.
Appearance:Orange-yellow to red-brown block
Bromine Content:3.8-4.2%
Methylol Content:9.5-13.0%
Softening Point,(Ball and ring):85-95℃
DC-2055 resin is a curing agent for the rubber of low unsaturation value.
DC-2055 resin easily disperses and operates, having faster sulfurized speed without adding activator, simple composition and exhibit good scorch safety in IIR compound.
DC-2055 resin is used for bladders, bottle stopper, seals, heat-resistant gasket, roll, and pressure sensitive adhesives.
Recommended dosage:
1.5~8 phr
Package and Storage:
Packaged in kraft paper sack with inner plastic bag. Net weight is 25kg for each bag . Kept in indoor, drying and ventilating .

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