Octyl Phenolic Curing Resin DC-2048
2018-09-05 23:05

 DC-2048 resin is a p-tert-octylphenol formaldehyde heat reactive resin. This resin contains active hydroxymethyl groups, and is specifically to cure natural rubber and many other unsaturated elastomers. It was designed to provide a rapid cure at normal curing temperatures, or to promote adequate cure at lower temperatures. It is much the same as HRJ-10518. It is soluble in aromatic, aliphatic, ketones, higher alcohols and napthas.

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Appearance Yellow transparent flake
Softening Point(Ball and ring),℃ 80-95
Methylol Content ,% 6.0-9.0
DC-2048 resin must be used with CR or metal chloride as activator. The vulcanizate has outstanding resistence to high dry heat and compression set. In addition, the vulcanizate is non-staining, non-blooming, and has high modulus values.
DC-2048 resin crosslinks rubber through C-C bridges. This results in an inherent ozane-resistant and heat-resistant cured rubber system which has many end uses such as tire curing bags, conveyor belts, gaskets, and heat-resistant packings.
DC-2048 resin can also be used to formulate pressure sensitive adhesives, inks, and ther moplastic elastomers. The long alkyl chain provides good compatibility with IIR, NBR, CR, EPDM etc. and other elastomers. The reference dosage is 1.5-8 phr
Package and Storage:
Packaged in kraft paper sack with inner plastic bag. Net weight is 25kg for each bag . Kept in indoor, drying and ventilating .

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