AlkylPhenol Disulfide DC-100
2018-09-05 23:04

Brief Introduction: Alkyl Phenol Disulfide contains active sulfur, act as an vulcanizing agent when it was heated. Vulcanixed rubber has an excellent tensile strength and high heat resistance properity, non-blooming.
Appearance: light-yellow to brown flaky
Sulfur Content:: 27-30%
Softening Point: 85-115℃
1.Can be used as vulcanizing agent of NR or Synthetic Rubber, in SEV and EV system replace or partly replace sulfur, DTDM etc.
2.Mainly used in tire industry, convery belt and hose…
3. Also can act as antioxidant and adhesion promotor
4. High elastomer solubility
5.Nitrosamine — free
Recommend dosage: 0.5-5 PHR
Packing & Storage:
25KG/Bag, Keep in dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

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