2018-09-04 23:44

Appearance: milky or pale yellow particle
Heating loss%: ≤3.0
Ash%:   ≤28.0

DOFLOW D-22 :  Blend of activators, and optimized polyol esters of fatty acid.

Recommendations for application:
*Performance is equal to that of Schill + Seilacher products, Struktol ® WB222
1 DOFLOW D-22 is a processing additive for rubber polymers which is normally used to improve the general compound processing without significant influence on powdered materials and can shorten the mixing time by faster filler incorporation.
2 DOFLOW D-22 prevents sticking of elastomers and compounds to rotors and rolls. The addition of  DOFLOW D-22 can reduce the risk of scorching particularly in highly loaded compounds. Due to the good plasticizing properties of DOFLOW D-22 molds can be filled faster with lower pressures during injection and transfer molding. Mold release is improved.
3  DOFLOW D-22 greatly improves filler dispersion, as well as flow properties and release during processing, and demolding especially in nitrile compounds.


Packaging & Storage:
Packed in 25kg/paper bag lined with plastics,keeped in cool,dry place.Avoiding placing the bag under pressure.

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